1999-2000 Annual Allowable Increase Amount Announced - 12/22/98


Dec. 22, 1998

The permitted increase next year will be 1.7%, beginning March 1, 1999 through February 29, 2000. The increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as of November 1998 was 2.9%. The annual allowable increase is determined by multiplying 60% times the increase amount of the CPI. Remember, you can only give the increase amount in effect at the time the notice of increase takes effect. For more information on how to calculate rent increases and see a listing of all past allowable increases, please click here for FACT SHEET #7, "Calculating Rent Increases". This document is also available via our "FAX FACTS", the 24-HOUR fax back system. To access the fax back system, call 415.252.4660 and follow the voice prompts and enter document number 007 to get this document. Enter document number "000" to obtain the Main Menu listing of all faxable documents.