50-50 Capital Improvement Ords Amendments 2/21/03

50-50 Capital Improvement Ords Amendments 2/21/03The Ordinance amendments to sections 37.2, 37.2, 37.7 and 37.8B have been updated on our web pages. Please note that the ordinance has a retroactive provision which makes all the amendments effective as of November 14, 2002 even though it went into effect on Feb. 21st.

New Ordinance Amendments Introduced at the Board of Supervisors (2/25/03)

Some minor amendments to the Ordinance were introduced by Supervisor Peskin that would conform the Ordinance to recent amendments to State Law that affect the Ellis Act provisions (the right to go out of the rental housing business). The amendments also clarify when payments due to elderly and low income persons should be paid and also requires notifying the Rent Board if there are disputes as to entitlement of a one year notice for protected classes. Click here for the ordinance text.

The amendments also clarify that only one calculation for the purpose of determining annual security deposit payments needs to be made per year. The amendment last August which changed the calculation methodology inadvertently omitted language that would have made this clear. Click here for the attached language