New legislation Requires the Rent Board to Collect the Rent Board Fee Through Invoices Rather than Through the Property Tax Bill

The City imposes a fee on owners of residential property to fund the Rent Board’s costs of administering services to implement the Rent Ordinance (the "Rent Board Fee"). In prior tax years, the Rent Board Fee was collected by means of an additional charge that appeared on the owner's property tax billing statement, and failure to pay the Rent Board Fee was enforced similar to a failure to pay the property taxes.

Effective in tax year 2021-2022, Administrative Code Section 37A was amended pursuant to Ord. No. 134-21 to remove the Rent Board Fee from the property tax billing statement. Instead, the Rent Board is now required to issue invoices to all owners who are required to pay the Rent Board Fee. The Rent Board will add a 5% penalty to the amount of the Fee if the Fee has not been paid by March 1 of each tax year, an additional 5% if the Fee has not been paid by April 1, and an additional 5% if the Fee has not been paid by May 1. If the Fee remains outstanding as of June 1, the Rent Board will refer the matter to the Bureau of Delinquent Revenue. No changes have been made to the methodology used to calculate the Fee, or the type of units subject to, or exempt from, payment of the Fee.

If you believe one or more of your units are not subject to the Rent Board Fee, you may submit a request for exemption from the Rent Board Fee between November 15 and December 15The Rent Board Fee Exemption processing period will start on November 15 and will last through December 15. You will receive an Informational Notice by mail before November 15 which will instruct you how to file an online exemption request via the new Portal on the Rent Board’s website (coming soon).  

A paper Rent Board Fee exemption request form will only be available for owners who do not have an email address. Paper exemption requests will not be accepted by email. The Rent Board highly encourages property owners to file exemption requests online beginning November 15. Any exemption request received prior to November 15 will not be processed by Rent Board staff.

The amendments to Administrative Code Section 37A are intended to align Rent Board Fee collection practices with other fees that are collected through invoices rather than via the property tax bill.