Rent Board Amends the Rules and Regulations re Board Elections and Voting Rights of Alternate Board Members

After a public hearing on February 16, 2021, the Rent Board Commission approved proposed amendments to Rules and Regulations Sections 1.10 (Alternates), 2.10 (Election of Officers), and 2.11 (Board Alternates).

Specifically, the amendments to Section 1.10 were intended to clarify that Alternate Board Members may vote in the election of Board Officers.

The amendments to Section 2.10 require the Board to hold elections on an annual basis, and allow Board Officers to be re-elected at the expiration of each term.

The amendments to Section 2.11 clarify that Alternate Board Members may participate in discussion and deliberations and may preside over appeal hearings and vote on Board resolutions and other Board governance, but may only vote on appeal decisions and regulation changes when the member for whom the alternate serves as alternate is not present or has been excused from voting.

The full text of the Rent Board’s Rules and Regulations can be found here.