Rent Board Amends the Rules and Regulations re General Obligation Bond Passthroughs

After a public hearing on August 11, 2020, the Rent Board Commissioners approved proposed amendments to Rules and Regulations Section 10.15 regarding General Obligation Bond Passthroughs.

The amendment to Rules and Regulations Section 10.15 was in response to a recent amendment to Rent Ordinance Section 37.3(a)(6)(E) by the Board of Supervisors, which allows tenants to seek relief from payment of some general obligation bond passthrough amounts by filing a Tenant Financial Hardship Application. Specifically, hardship relief is only available for that portion of a general obligation bond passthrough that is attributable to general obligation bonds approved by the voters on or after November 5, 2019. The existing rule that no hardship relief is available for general obligation bond passthroughs continues to apply for all other passthrough amounts.

The amendment to Rules and Regulations Section 10.15 merely conforms the Tenant Financial Hardship Application provisions in the Rules and Regulations to the recent Ordinance amendments.

The full text of the amended Rules and Regulations Section 10.15 is available here.