Tenants Displaced by Northern California Fires are Eligible for Good Samaritan Occupancy Status

Tenants displaced by the recent fires in Northern California can enter into a Good Samaritan occupancy agreement with a landlord in San Francisco, provided that: (1) the tenant has received a written Certification of Emergency Situation Requiring Displacement of Tenant pursuant to Ordinance §37.2(a)(1)(D)(iii); (2) the San Francisco unit is subject to the Rent Ordinance; (3) the tenant and the Good Samaritan landlord comply with all of the requirements of the Good Samaritan program as set forth in Ordinance §37.2(a)(1)(D); and, (4) there are no constraints on the amount of rent or re-rental rights because of a prior eviction that might affect the landlord's ability to enter a Good Samaritan agreement for a particular rental unit. 

The tenant's initial rent under the Good Samaritan occupancy agreement must be limited to no more than the rent the tenant was paying prior to the displacement, plus 10%. Tenants from outside San Francisco do not gain the right to return to the damaged unit simply by having a temporary Good Samaritan occupancy agreement in San Francisco. Property owners who were displaced by recent Northern California fires are not eligible for Good Samaritan occupancy agreements in San Francisco. 

Tenants should contact Ben Amyes at the Human Services Agency to connect with potential Good Samaritan landlords. His phone number is 415.557.5370. Ben is authorized to sign the Certification form that's required prior to entering into a Good Samaritan occupancy agreement, even if the tenant was displaced from a rental unit outside San Francisco. Any San Francisco landlord who wishes to offer a unit to a displaced tenant through the Good Samaritan program should also contact Ben Amyes.