Chapeter 49A Residential Tenant Communications

SEC. 49A.1.


     The Board of Supervisors finds that, particularly with the large proportion of rental units in the City and County of San Francisco, good communications among tenants and between tenants and landlords about these tenancies is important to the ongoing vitality of the community.  This Ordinance is intended to encourage and respect those communicative channels. (Added by Ord. 9-04, File No. 031701, App. 1/16/2004)


SEC. 49A.2.

     A landlord may not prohibit a tenant who resides in a building from using common areas in that building to distribute literature to other building tenants, including literature distributed on behalf of a tenants' association or other tenants' organization, where the literature relates to issues of common interest or concern to the buildings' tenancies.

     (a)     Distribution may include hanging or otherwise placing literature on the door of tenant units, or where that is not possible as a practical matter then the literature may be placed on the floor in front of tenant units.  Such literature placed on or in front of the door of a tenant unit must plainly include the name and telephone number and address of a distributor that the affected tenant may contact to opt out of future doorway distributions of such literature.

     (b)     The landlord may establish other reasonable requirements as to the time, place, manner, and volume, of such literature distribution, including a limitation of distribution under this Chapter to no more than once per calendar Quarter.  (Added by Ord. 9-04, File No. 031701, App. 1/16/2004)


SEC. 49A.3.

     (a)     The provisions of this Chapter 49A are not applicable to purely commercial literature that is no directly related to the building tenancies.

     (b)     The provisions of this Chapter 49A shall not be read to limit or replace residential tenant or landlord rights or remedies found in other ordinances, or in statutes or Constitutions.  (Added by Ord. 9-04, File No. 031701, App. 1/16/2004)



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