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Browse over 80 of our most frequently asked-about topics including:

  • Overview of Rent Board Services – What We Do and Don’t Do
  • The Rent Board Fee
  • Overview of Covered and Exempt Units
  • Annual and Banked Rent Increases
  • Security Deposits and Interest on Deposits
  • Roommates and Subletting
  • Evictions
  • Landlord Petitions and Passthroughs
  • Tenant Petitions
  • Reports of Alleged Wrongful Eviction
  • The Hearing and Appeal Process
  • Mediation at the Rent Board
Scripts are available in English, Spanish and Chinese.


Forms Center
The Forms Center includes tenant and landlord petitions, as well as rate and fee schedules and popular forms such as:

  • Tenant Petition for Rent Reduction due to Decrease in Housing Services
  • Tenant Report of Alleged Wrongful Eviction
  • Capital Improvement Petition
  • Operating and Maintenance Petition
  • Utility Passthrough Worksheet and Petition
  • Bond Measure Passthrough Worksheet
  • Appeal Forms
  • Full List of Allowable Rent Increases (1982-present)
  • Security Deposit Interest Rates (1983-present)
  • Relocation Payment Amounts
  • The Rent Board Fee (1999-present)
  • Request for Postponement of Hearing
  • Proof of Service
  • Referral List
Some forms are available in Spanish and Chinese.


Ordinance and Regulations
You can find the San Francisco Rent Ordinance and the Rent Board’s Rules and Regulations, as well as other related laws including:

  • Uniform Residential Hotel Visitor Policy
  • Security Deposit Interest Ordinance
  • Rent Board Fee Ordinance
  • Residential Tenant Communications Ordinance
  • Residential Water Conservation Ordinance


Rent Board Commission Meetings
Agendas for the Commission meetings are posted on the Web before every meeting and Minutes from the meetings are posted shortly after each meeting. You can also find:

  • Accessible Meeting Policy
  • List of Rent Board Commissioners


Fact Sheets

We provide online versions of our printed brochures covering many common issues in depth, including:

Fact Sheet 1 - General Information

Fact Sheet 2 - Repair Issues

Fact Sheet 3 - Security Deposits, Interest on Security Deposits, and The Rent Board Fee (under construction)

Fact Sheet 4 - Eviction Issues

Fact Sheet 5 - Landlord Petitions and Passthroughs

Fact Sheet 6 - Tenant Petitions

Fact Sheet 7 - Annual Allowable Rent Increases and Banked Rent Increases

Fact Sheet 8 - Hearings, Mediations and Appeals

Fact Sheet 9 - Utility Passthroughs

Fact Sheet 10 - Water Revenue Bond Passthroughs


Counseling Services – 415-252-4600

Receive personal assistance from a Rent Board counselor by calling or visiting our office.

  • Please have your questions written down before you speak with a counselor.
  • Multiple language assistance available – we have some bilingual staff and we have access to a telephonic language line that provides instantaneous translations in dozens of languages.



Referral Listing

Referral Listing (pdf)

Take advantage of over 40 referrals to related government agencies and non-profit organizations.


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