Ellis Act Amendments - 070999

The Rent Board Commission at its June 29th meeting deleted Section 12.18 of the Rules and Regulations. This deletion was adopted by the Commission and went into effect immediately. This section pertained to the rules used by the department to implement Ellis Act provisions. The Commission has referred amendments to the Ellis Act to the Board of Supervisors that will permit the Department to use the provisions contained in the Ordinance as the sole source for guidance as to the implementation of the Ellis Act in San Francisco. Both amendments are intended to clarify what the owner"s responsibilities are in order to comply with the law and eliminate any confusing or conflicting language. A copy of the Ellis amendments (Board of Supervisor"s File No. 991265) to 37.9(a)(13) can be seen by clicking on Ellis. The Board will hear the Ellis amendment to the Ordinance sometime next month. Please reference the File No. if you call the Board (554.5184) to find out when it is scheduled.