Ellis Amendments 02/05

Ellis Amendments 02/05The Ellis amendments became law without the mayor's signature and are effective February 20, 2005. They prohibit the withdrawal of residential hotels under the Ellis Act, and allow relocation payments to all tenants in an Ellis eviction. The amendments provide for relocation payments of $4,500 per tenant up to a maximum of $13,500 per unit, plus an additional $3,000 for each elderly or disabled tenant. Any tenant who resided in an Ellised unit as of August 10, 2004, the date the amendments were first introduced, is eligible for the increased relocation payments. The relocation payment are also to be increased March 1 of each year to reflect increases in the "rent of primary residence" expenditure category of the CPI for the prior calendar year. Since this category did not increase in 2004, however, the relocation amounts stated above are applicable until March 1, 2006.