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Document Number Rent Board Forms: Tenant
516A Tenant Petition and Form A: Decrease in Housing Services (fillable PDF)
516B Tenant Petition and Form B: Failure to Repair and Maintain (fillable PDF)
516C Tenant Petition and Form C: Unlawful Rent Increase  (fillable PDF)
516D Tenant Petition and Form D: Passthrough Challenge (fillable PDF)
517 Subtenant Petition (PDF)
518 Tenant Summary Petition (for pending unlawful rent increase) (PDF)
519 Tenant Report of Alleged Wrongful Eviction (fillable PDF)
520 Tenant Report of Alleged Wrongful Severance of a Housing Service Pursuant to Ordinance §37.2(r) (PDF)
521 Ellis Tenant Packet (includes fillable PDF)
524 Tenant Financial Hardship Application (fillable PDF)
551 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Request Form (PDF)
553 Expedited Hearing Information and Application (PDF)
554 Objection to Expedited Hearing Order (PDF)
958 OMI - Tenant's Change of Address Form (fillable PDF)
968 Ellis Notice of Interest in Renewed Accommodations (fillable PDF)
1006 RAD Tenant Petition (PDF)
Document Number Rent Board Forms: Landlord
526 Capital Improvement Petition: Properties with 1-5 Residential Units (fillable PDF)
527 Capital Improvement Petition: Properties with 6 or More Residential Units (fillable PDF)
528 Capital Improvement Petition: Seismic and Other Work Required by Law (fillable PDF)
530 Operating and Maintenance Petition (fillable PDF)
531 Special Circumstances Petition (based on rents for comparable units) (PDF)
532 Proposition I Past Rent History Petition (PDF)
533 Utility Passthrough Petition (fillable PDF)
534 Substantial Rehabilitation Petition for Exemption (PDF)
535 Petition for Extension of Time to Complete Capital Improvements (PDF)
536 Section 1.21 (tenant in occupancy) Petition (PDF)
537 Petition for Determination Pursuant to Section 6.14 and/or Costa-Hawkins (PDF)
538 General Obligation Bond Passthrough Worksheets (1998-Present)
539 Water Revenue Bond Passthrough Worksheet (fillable PDF)
540 Water Bond P-T Worksheet Multi-year (fillable PDF)
Ellis Act Forms (withdrawal of residential units from rental market) (PDF)
542 Utility Passthrough Calculation Worksheet (fillable PDF)
543 Instructions for Completing Utility Passthrough Calculation Worksheet (PDF)
544 Landlord Petition Other Ground (fillable PDF)
546A OMI-Statement of Occupancy Form A: Landlord Has Not Recovered Possession (fillable PDF)
546B OMI-Statement of Occupancy Form B: Landlord Has Recovered Possession and the Owner or Relative is Occupying the Unit (fillable PDF)
546C OMI-Statement of Occupancy Form C: Landlord Has Recovered Possession and the Owner or Relative is not Occupying the Unit (fillable PDF)
551 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Request Form (PDF)
553 Expedited Hearing Information and Application (PDF)
554 Objection to Expedited Hearing Order (PDF)
955 OMI-Request for Recission (PDF)
958 OMI-Tenant's Change of Address Form (fillable PDF)
960 Ellis-Request for Recission (PDF)
993 Request Hardship Hearing (fillable PDF)
1000 Pre-buyout Disclosure Form (PDF)
1001 Landlord Declaration regarding Buyout Disclosure (PDF)
1007 Notice to Tenant Req'd by §37.9(c)-Eng-Sp-Ch-Viet-Rus-Tag.pdf (PDF)
Document Number Rent Board Appeal Forms
556 Appeal to the Board – Tenant or Landlord (PDF)
558 Landlord Hardship Appeal & Hardship Application (PDF)
559 Declaration of Non-receipt of Notice of Hearing – Tenant or Landlord (PDF)
560 Notice of Withdrawal of Appeal – Tenant or Landlord (PDF)
Document Number Rent Board Rate and Fee Schedules
571 Allowable Annual Rent Increases (1982-present) (PDF)
572 Security Deposit Interest Rates (1983-present) (PDF)
573 Rent Board Fee History (1999-present) (PDF)
574 Capital Improvement Imputed Interest Rates (PDF)
575 Capital Improvement Uncompensated Labor Rates (PDF)
576 Estimator Fee Schedule (PDF)
577 List of All Rates (PDF)
578 Relocation Payments Under 37.9A (PDF)
579 Relocation Payments Under 37.9C (PDF)
Document Number Rent Board Miscellaneous Forms
581 Request for Postponement of Hearing (PDF)
582 Request for Extension of Open Record (PDF)
583 Proof of Service Form (PDF)
584 Notice from Petitioner of Amended Petition (PDF)
585 Notice of Withdrawal of Petition – Tenant or Landlord (PDF)
586 Notice of Withdrawal of Unit from Petition – Landlord only (PDF)
587 Request for Duplication Services and/or Review of File (PDF)
588 Request for Full Decision After Minute Order – Tenant or Landlord (PDF)
589 Tenant Election Form for 100% Capital Improvement Passthrough Alternative (PDF)
590 Referral List for Other Government Offices and Non-Profit Agencies (PDF)
591 Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Procedures and Time Chart (PDF)
592 Uniform Residential Hotel Visitor Policy (PDF)
The one page version for posting is available in seven languages: Uniform Hotel Vistor Policy.
593A Tenant Hardship Application for Interpreter (fillable PDF)
593B Subtenant Hardship Application for Interpreter (fillable PDF)
594 Landlord Hardship Application for Interpreter (PDF)
595 Landlord Withdrawal of Unit from UPT Worksheet for Tenant Hardship (PDF)
598 Rental Assistance Programs in SF – Referral List (PDF)
599 Request for Refund of Rent Board Fee (PDF)
990 Good Samaritan Tenancy Information (PDF)
Rent Board Fact Sheets
501 Fact Sheet 1 - General Information
502 Fact Sheet 2 - Repair Issues
503 Fact Sheet 3 - Security Deposits, Interest on Security Deposits, and The Rent Board Fee
504 Fact Sheet 4 - Eviction Issues
505 Fact Sheet 5 - Landlord Petitions and Passthroughs
506 Fact Sheet 6 - Tenant Petitions
507 Fact Sheet 7 - Annual Allowable Rent Increases and Banked Rent Increases
508 Fact Sheet 8 - Hearings, Mediations and Appeals
509 Fact Sheet 9 - Utility Passthroughs
510 Fact Sheet 10 - Water Revenue Bond Passthroughs