Hetch Hetchy Water Bond 50/50 Passthrough

Hetch Hetchy Water Bond 50/50 PassthroughHetch Hetchy Water Bond 50/50 Passthrough Is Introduced April 30, 2003

The Finance committee passed on to the full Board a proposed ordinance that will permit passthrough of 50% of the increase in water rates attributable to the costs of improvements to the Hetch Hetchy water system. These passthroughs are not expected to appear on water bills for two years, given the amount of time needed to design and commence work. As proposed, the ordinance will require owners passing through these costs to divide the monthly increase, which will be a separate line item on the water bill, to be divided by the number of units covered by the water bill, including any commercial units. It should be noted that most commercial units are required to be separately metered, so those will not appear on most bills according to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

Tenants are entitled to a copy of the bill if they so request. This ordinance, although seemingly premature given the amount of time before water bills will be impacted, was the necessary first step before Supervisors could authorize the issuance of any debt to commence this work. This ordinance and companion legislation will be heard at the full Board on May 6th. Click here for the text of the amendments to the Rent Ordinance (MS Word).