Housing Study Consultant Selected - Sept. 2000 - 10/24/00

Housing Study Consultant Selected - Sept. 2000 - 10/24/00
September 2000

The consulting firm, Bay Area Economics (BAE) has been selected to conduct the Housing Study.

BAE is a well-recognized expert in the field of affordable housing data analysis, policy and project pre-development. They have done work for a wide variety of entities, including the State of Washington and Oregon, the Miami Downtown Development Authority, The Berkeley Rent Board, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, the Coalition for Better Housing and the Mayor"s Office of Housing.

The key staff for BAE include Ms. Janet Smith-Heimer, Managing Principal, Raymond Kennedy, Senior Associate and Paul Peninger, Associate and Ener Chiu, Analyst. John Landis, Ph.D and Michael Smith-Heimer, Ph.D, both professors of City and Regional Planning at U.C. Berkeley will serve as advisors to the study.

BAE will also partner with Dyett & Bhatia, a San Francisco firm since 1976 that specializes in urban planning services to cities and other local and regional agencies. Rajeev Bhatia, AICP will be the key staff person from their firm assisting BAE.

The contract will be finalized during Oct./Nov. with the study getting underway by late November or early December. The ordinance provides for a year for the study to be conducted and reported on.