Housing Study Databook Available 2/1/02

Housing Study Databook Available 2/1/02 Housing Study Databook Available 2/1/02The first installment of the Housing Study authorized by the Board of Supervisors is now available for review. The document, "The San Francisco Housing Databook", contains over 100 pages of statistics that look at housing and population issues in San Francisco. The Databook, prepared by the Housing Study consultant, Bay Area Economics (BAE), relies on various sources for the information contained in the Databook, including recent Census information.

The Databook is available below as a complete pdf document or as separate chapters you can download to your computer. It is available for $40 dollars at the Rent Board. Requests for printed copies can be made by calling the Rent Board at 252.4661 or visiting the office. A check must be received by the Rent Board before the document will be sent. A cheaper black and white version should be available by the end of Feb. for $25. Click here to access BAE"s website: http://www.bae1.com

The second and final phase of the Study will be a compilation of the results from a survey instrument that will be sent to tenants and landlords. Issues raised by the Study Protocol members will be included on this survey, which will reflect concerns that could not be gleaned from other sources.

We expect the survey results to be available by the end of March or early April.


Housing Study Databook