Key Ord.: Requires keys for every adult occupant

Key Ord.: Requires keys for every adult occupantFile Number: 031879

Effective: April 18, 2004


Ordinance amending Administrative Code Chapter 37 ("Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Ordinance") by renumbering existing Section 37.13 as 37.14 and renumbering existing Section 37.14 as 37.15, and by adding new Section 37.13 to provide that: each adult occupant is entitled to a minimum of one key/key-set for the rental unit without charge; upon written request for extra keys/key-sets stating the reason(s) (e.g. for the convenicence of the occupant, such as admitting a service provider or a delivery person or a houseguest) a landlord shall provide the requested extra keys/key-sets unless within 14 days the landlord denies the request in writing as unreasonable (e.g., due to unlawful occupancy or a pattern of lease violation); a request for an extra key/key-set may only be denied for good reason; unreasonable denial of an extra key/key-set constitutes a decrease in housing services; and, a tenant may file a petition for hearing on a disputed request for an extra key/key-set, which shall be decided by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), with the ALJ decision appealable to the Rent Board.