New Eviction Notice Requirements as of November 9, 2015

Effective November 9, 2015, Rent Ordinance Section 37.9(c) was amended to require the landlord to attach to every eviction notice a copy of the new Rent Board Form 1007 (Notice to Tenant Required by Rent Ordinance §37.9(c)). The form is required to state that "a tenant's failure to timely act in response to a notice to vacate may result in a lawsuit by the landlord to evict the tenant" and that advice regarding the notice to vacate is available from the Rent Board. The single page form includes the "Notice to Tenant" in all 6 required languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian and Tagalog.

Also effective November 9, 2015, and pursuant to Ordinance Section 37.9(c) as amended, all notices to vacate under the following Rent Ordinance Sections must state in the notice to vacate the lawful rent for the unit at the time the notice to vacate is issued: 37.9(a)(8) (owner/relative move-in); 37.9(a)(9) (sale of condominium); 37.9(a)(10) (demolition/permanent removal of unit from housing use); 37.9(a)(11) (temporary eviction to perform capital improvements); and, 37.9(a)(14) (temporary eviction to perform lead remediation).