New Petition Form-1.21 Determination Petition

December 12, 2001



In response to the Commission amendment defining a tenant"s permanent place of residence (Rules and Regulations Section 1.21), a petition form has been created to handle these issues. Owners who believe that they are eligible for a rent increase under this section must file their petition with the department BEFORE giving a notice of rent increase.

Owners are reminded that this section has a limited application. Tenancies where there are other persons in occupancy besides the primary tenant may not qualify for a 1.21 increase. However, an owner may be eligible for an increase pursuant to Costa Hawkins state legislation or under the provisions of Rule 6.14. Please review the instruction sheet with this petition for more information. Owners are not obligated to petition for a determination with respect to Costa Hawkins or 6.14, but some owners prefer to have our ruling before taking any action. An owner can request a determination on any or all of the aforementioned laws or regulations.

The form is available on our web site in the Forms Center or on our fax back service, 415.252.4660, document No. 042.