New Rent Board Fee Approved - 7/9/99

Fee Amendment to Rent Ordinance

The Board of Supervisors approved a new Rent Board fee last month. Click here to view the text of the amendment, which is 37A of the Administrative Code. The new fee, which will apply to any tenancy in effect as of November 1, 1999, will be $16 per apartment unit and $8 per residential hotel room. The fee cannot be collected until after this date. The fee, which is billed to the property owner on the property tax statement, which is issued in November, can be passed along to the tenant. There were some changes to the billing procedure that are discussed below. The fee increase will pay for 3 new counselors and 4 new hearing officers and a new senior hearing officer, as well as additional space for a new hearing room and the new staff.

The new procedures for imposing the fee are as follows:

  • The fee is required to be required to be deducted from the interest due the tenant on the deposit held unless the landlord has paid the interest payment annually to the tenant (5%). In those instances, the owner would be permitted to bill separately for the fee. Where no deposit is being held, or the amount of interest owed is too small, the owner could bill directly for the fee;
  • Landlords would not have to impose the fee each year, but instead be able to "bank" the fee as is currently permitted with the annual allowable increase. Banking will only be permitted going forward with the new fee rate;
    Request for payment of the fee shall include a written explanation that itemizes the amount due for each year for which payment is sought and has not been paid. Any deductions being made from the interest due the tenant shall be itemized for each year and also show the amount of interest due and/or paid for each year as well as the amount of the Rent Board fee being deducted from any interest owed the tenant.