Ordinances & Regulations

The Rent Board's version of the Rent Ordinance is not the official record of the laws or regulations of the City and County of San Francisco.  It is provided for administrative and public convenience only (Note: amlegal.com is the official publisher of San Francisco's Administrative Codes)


The Rent Ordinance- SF Administrative Code, Chapter 37:

The Rent Board Rules & Regulations:

You can purchase a copy of the Rent Ordinance and/or the Rules and Regulations, which are the policies and procedures by which the department implements the Ordinance. We recommend that you obtain both, since the Rules explain how the Ordinance is applied. They are $4.00 each, or $8.00 for both. They are also available by mail for $11.00 for the package, which includes postage. You can send us a check, made payable to the "Rent Board" for $11.00 and we will mail copies to you.

Chapter 37A of the San Francisco Administrative Code (the Rent Board fee):

Uniform Hotel Visitor Policy:



Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Hindi and Gujarati.


Chapter 49 of San Francisco Administrative Code - Security Deposit Interest on Residential Property:

Chapter 49A of San Francisco Administrative Code - Residential Tenant Communications:

Chapter 12A of the San Francisco Housing Code - Residential Water Conservation:


Section 1101.5 of the California Civil Code  - Required Residential Water Conservation Devices:

Chapter 65A of the San Francisco Administrative Code - Compensation, Or Substitute Housing Service, For Tenants Affected By Temporary Severance Of Specified Housing Services During Mandatory Seismic Work Required By Building Code Chapter 34B:


Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act: 


The Ellis Act: 


(Note: amlegal.com is the publisher of San Francisco's codes of ordinances.)