Proposition H Advisory #13 - 6/1/01

Proposition H Advisory #13 - 6/1/01The court, on its own motion, has further continued the hearing on the City"s Motion for Summary Judgment and to Dissolve the Preliminary Injunction in Quigg vs. City and County of San Francisco, et al., Superior Court Case Number 316928. The attorneys for plaintiffs, the City and the Intervenors are trying to agree on a new date prior to June 15th. We will post the new date as soon as we are notified.

Up-to-Date Information on Implementation of Proposition H

Information concerning the Rent Board"s development of forms, regulations and procedures, as well as the status of legal actions to challenge Proposition H, may be obtained from the Rent Board in the following ways:

Web site: under "What"s New"

24-Hour Recorded Information Line: 415.252.4600, Menu No. 46, "Proposition H-Current Status"

Fax Back: 415.252.4660, Document Number 014, "What"s New/Amended"

We will keep the information available from these resources current. Should you have questions that are not answered in these resources, you can also call our counseling staff at 415.252.4602 from 9-12 am and 1-4 pm, Monday through Friday.