Racial Equity

The San Francisco Rent Board regulates rents and evictions for certain residential units in San Francisco. One of its primary functions is to conduct arbitration hearings and mediations of tenant and landlord petitions regarding the adjustments of rents under the City's rent control laws.

The Rent Board is committed to an equitable workplace for its Black, Indigenous, and People of Color staff. The department’s diverse and multilingual staff strive to make the Rent Board accessible to all residents of the City while meeting the needs of each member of the public in their preferred language.

By Board of Supervisors’ and Mayoral mandate, through the Office of Racial Equity (ORE), the Rent Board created a comprehensive Racial Equity Action Plan (Phase I) to address racial disparities within the department.

In December 2020, the Rent Board’s Commission authored a Resolution on Racial Equity to uplift the racial equity work of the Rent Board and its Commission.

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