Rent Board Fee Exemption

On July 6, 1995, the Board of Supervisors approved Ordinance No. 287-95, authorizing the Tax

Collector’s Office to bill the Rent Board fee amount as a special assessment on the property tax bill. Pursuant to Chapter 37A, the Rent Board is entitled to collect $50.00 for each dwelling unit and $25.00 for each hotel guest room subject to the Ordinance, whether it is vacant or not.

Return the following REQUEST FOR EXEMPTION OF THE RENT BOARD FEE with the required documentation to the following email:

Exemptions are ONLY allowed under the following conditions:

  • Parcel is charged special assessment code 29; and
  • Parcel proves one of the requirements (see Form 599-Request for Exemption of Rent Board Fee for list of requirements)

Upon approval of your request for exemption, your property tax bill may be reissued excluding the fee. Please remember to pay your bill on time. If you have already paid the property tax bill, you will receive a refund for the fee amount that was assessed. Refunds may take up to six months.

Please fill out the form completely with the requested information, sign and date it, and email it along with supporting documentation (if needed). You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your request, and most requests will receive a notice approving or denying the request within 30 days. Property Tax bills will accrue interest and a 10% penalty if NOT paid on time by December 10 and April 10. Please pay on time to avoid late charges. If an exemption is approved and your property tax bill has have already been paid, a refund will be issued for the appropriate amount. All exemption requests for the FY2020-21 fiscal year must be received by June 9, 2021.


NOTE: Effective January 20, 2020, the San Francisco Rent Ordinance was amended pursuant to Ord. No. 296-19 to extend local eviction controls and payment of the Rent Board fee to units that were newly constructed after June 13, 1979 (including live-work units), and to units that have undergone a substantial rehabilitation. Previously, these units were wholly exempt from the Rent Ordinance, including both the eviction controls and the rent regulations, as well as payment of the Rent Board fee. Under the new legislation, these units generally remain exempt from local rent regulations, but are now covered by the Rent Ordinance for all other purposes.


June 2021