Section 11.13 Postponements

(Amended June 18, 1991)

(a) The Administrative Law Judge or Commissioners or designated staff member may grant a postponement of a hearing only for good cause and in the interest of justice.

(b) "Good cause" shall include, but is not limited, to the following:

(1) the illness of a party, an attorney or other authorized representative of a party, or a material witness of a party;

(2) verified travel outside of San Francisco scheduled before the receipt of notice of the hearing; or,

(3) any other reason which makes it impractical to appear on the scheduled date due to unforeseen circumstances or verified pre-arranged plans which cannot be changed.  Mere inconvenience or difficulty in appearing shall not constitute "good cause."

(c) Parties may agree to a postponement at any time.  Where the parties have agreed to a postponement, the Board shall be notified in writing at the earliest date possible.

(d) Requests for postponement of a hearing must be made in writing at the earliest date possible, with supporting documentation attached.  The person requesting a postponement should notify the other parties of the request and provide them with any supporting documentation.