Section 37.5 Meetings of the Board

​[Amended by Ord. No. 347-99, effective January 29, 2000]

(a)  Time and Place of Meetings.  The board shall meet as often as necessary to stay current with the workload but in no event less than once a month.  The time and place of meetings shall be determined by rules adopted by the board.  The first meeting shall be held within fifteen (15) days of the appointment of the first board.  The matter of establishing standards for the selection of Administrative Law Judges shall be considered at the first meeting.

(b)  Quorum.  A quorum for the transaction of official business shall consist of a majority of the total board members.  No action may be taken by the board at any meeting attended by less than the quorum.  A decision by the board shall require a majority of all of the members of the board.

(c)  Special Meetings.  The board may hold special meetings in accordance with Charter Section 3.500.

(d)  Meetings Open and Public.  All meetings of the board shall be open and public in accordance with the Charter and applicable state law.