Section 7.11 Inspection of the Building

(Amended April 1, 2003)

            If the Board or its Executive Director determines that inspection by a qualified estimator of the building is necessary to determine whether the petition shall be approved, the landlord and tenants shall provide entry to the Rent Board's representative at a convenient time during normal business hours.

(a) The necessity for use of an estimator in a particular case may be determined after consideration of the following factors, among others:

(1) the cost of the work;

(2) the number of units;

(3) complexity of the work performed;

(4) objections made pursuant to Section 7.15 below.

(5) whether the landlord provided copies of competitive bids or time and materials billings for work performed by all contractors and subcontractors for a petition totaling more than $25,000.

(b) A qualified estimator is a person:

(1) who is not a San Francisco city employee; but

(2) who is selected by the Rent Board or the Executive Director because he or she is qualified and experienced in the area of residential rehabilitation, such as a member of the American Society of Estimators, subscribing to its Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. The estimator shall operate under the direction of the Board or its Executive Director.