Section 8.12 Application for Certification

(Corrected August 20, 1996)

Application for certification shall be filed on a form provided by the Rent Board. The application shall include:

(1) A tenant history, including the names of all tenants in possession at the time substantial rehabilitation was noticed, their last known address, their rent at the time they left voluntarily or were evicted, which tenants were evicted, the names and unit number of any current tenants and their current rents;

(2) A detailed description of the substantial rehabilitation work itemizing all costs, including but not limited to site improvements, paving and surfacing, concrete, masonry, metals, wood and plastic, thermal and moisture protection, doors and windows, finishes, specialties, equipment, furnishings, conveying systems, mechanical and electrical work;

(3) Evidence that the building is over 50 years old;

(4) A determination of condemnation, and/or

(5) A determination by the Department of Building Inspection that the premises were ineligible for a permit of occupancy;

(6) A current abstract of title;

(7) A complete inspection report issued by the Department of Building Inspection made prior to the commencement of rehabilitation work;

(8) Proof of purchase price;

(9) Final notice of completion from the Department of Building Inspection;

(10) Copies of eviction notices to prior tenants;

(11) Copies of invoices, bids and cancelled checks substantiating the costs for which the landlord has not been compensated by insurance proceeds;

(12) Sufficient copies of the petition for distribution to each tenant;

(13) Copy of the current assessment;

(14) If claim is made for uncompensated labor, the application shall include a log of dates on which the work was performed, number of hours of work and description of the work performed, and, if claim is made for electrical or plumbing work, a copy of the worker's contractors license.