Tenants' Union Prop G on the November Ballot - 9/10/98

Tenants' Union legislation to place further restrictions on OMI evictions. Some of the new aspects of the proposition include:

  • Permits only one OMI eviction per building, regardless of the number of owners
  • A unit which is subject to an OMI eviction becomes the "owner"s unit" for any and all subsequent OMI evictions-no other unit can be subject to an OMI eviction. Changes can be made in the designated unit due to disability or similar hardship
  • OMI evictions for relatives could only occur if the owner lives in the building or is trying to move into the building at the same time as the relative would move in
  • Prohibits evictions where any vacant comparable unit owned by the landlord in the City is or becomes available prior to recovery of the unit
  • If a non-comparable unit is available or becomes available, then the tenant being evicted must be offered the unit at the same rent with appropriate adjustments up or down, depending on amenities.
  • The Rent Board would have to adjudicate disputes.
  • Making the temporary moratorium on evictions of seniors, disabled and catastrophically ill tenants permanent
  • Allows the combined ownership requirements for registered domestic partners to be 25%

If Proposition G passes, any provisions in the proposition that conflict with existing provisions in the law shall control and become effective. Propositions become law after the voter counts are certified by the Election Office, which is usually about a week to 10 days later. Interested Parties should review the text of the legislation for a complete understanding of the proposal (fax back document number 019).