Topic No. 014: Purchase of the Ordinance and Rules and Regulations

There are two documents that govern the administration of the Rent Ordinance. First, there is the Ordinance itself, which is the actual law passed by the Board of Supervisors. The other document consists of the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Rent Board Commissioners, which governs how the Ordinance is implemented. Both documents are critically important to understanding the law and how it is interpreted.

The Ordinance and the Rules and Regulations can be purchased for $4.00 each at the Rent Board's office, or for $5.50 each by mail. Please mail a check and your request to:

The San Francisco Rent Board
25 Van Ness, Suite 320
San Francisco, CA 94102-6033

The Rent Ordinance and Regulations are also available on our website at You can also review a copy of these documents at the San Francisco Public Library.

June 2006


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