Topic No. 015: Translation Services

The Rent Board has a multilingual staff. In addition to English, counseling is usually available in the following languages: Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin. If you want to speak to someone in one of these languages, call our phone counseling line or visit our office during regular business hours. We also have a telephonic language line interpretation service available in 20 languages for limited English speakers.

If you plan to attend a hearing or mediation at the Rent Board, you are required to provide your own interpreter. The Rent Board staff does not provide translation services at hearings or mediations. However, if you are unable to afford the services of an interpreter, the Rent Board will hire an interpreter for you upon proof of your financial hardship. Hardship applications for interpreter services can be obtained by visiting our office during regular business hours. The Hardship Application for Interpreter form is also available in the Forms Center on our website. Hardship Applications for Interpreter must be filed at least 72 hours before the hearing or mediation.

American sign language interpreters are also available upon 72 hours request.


February 2019