Topic No. 306: Uncompensated Labor Rates

Landlords may include the cost of uncompensated labor in a Capital Improvement Petition. Uncompensated labor is labor performed for no remuneration of any kind. In order to make a claim for uncompensated labor costs, the petition must include a log of dates on which the work was performed. The log should also include the number of hours worked each day and the nature and location of the work performed.

If the uncompensated worker is licensed in the particular craft for which costs are being claimed, the landlord must provide a copy of the worker’s current license and evidence of the prevailing wage rate for that particular craft. If the uncompensated worker is not licensed, the uncompensated labor shall be valued at prevailing labor rates as established by the California Department of Industrial Relations. The craft classification to be employed shall be that of laborer. The landlord must use the labor rate in effect as of the date the work commenced.

To obtain a list of current and past uncompensated labor rates, you can visit the Forms Center on our website. A list of uncompensated labor rates is also available at our office.


June 2019