Update on Baba v.Rent Board-Changes 10/10/03

Update on Baba v.Rent Board-Changes 10/10/03Judge McBride had previously issued a writ enjoining us from enforcing Ordinance Sections 37.10A(c) and 37.10A(g). The judge's order, however, was stayed by the City's appeal filed on July 22, 2003. But not for long. On September 15, 2003 Judge McBride granted the landlord's motion to prevent the City's appeal from staying the court's order.
 Accordingly, the stay is no longer in effect and we are again enjoined from enforcing Sections 37.10A(c) and 37.10A(g) of the Ordinance. A landlord is therefore not required to put a threat or request for the tenant to move in writing within 5 days or to file settlement agreements with the RB, and the independent counsel and court approval requirements for a valid waiver of tenant rights under the Ordinance are no longer in effect. It remains unlawful, however, for a landlord to endeavor to recover possession of a rental unit without good cause under Section 37.9(a), and all waivers of Rent Ordinance rights by tenants are now prohibited by Section 37.9(e).